Holy Week

Well it is Holy Week! I make that announcement for any of you who might have been living under a rock for the last 6 weeks or so 🙂 I was talking with teammates yesterday and we have determined that the only people who enjoy or have time to reflect on the services are people who have nothing to do during the service…well other than attend! Now, I know that is a very generalized statement and it is not intended to undermine the value of anyone who works very hard everyday of the week. Heaven knows that few of us pastor types ever get accused of that…until Holy Week! My prayer for all of my ministry friends and partners is that you get a moment to glimpse the risen Savior. It is just as important for us to experience as anyone in our audience this week.
Some words to remember as I finish this entry. Shirley Guthrie in his book Christian Doctrine stated that much of church history has been focused on the cross and God’s act of reconciliation. But he contends that the whole of what we believe in Christian faith is not centered on the cross but stands or falls on one single claim, that God raised Jesus of Nazareth from the dead. If God had not conquered sin and death through the resurrection, the suffering on the cross and death of Jesus would have been for nothing! God has the power to grant new life! We are invited to proclaim this very message on Easter Sunday! I pray the Holy Spirit move all of us to do so.

About Jim Hoffman

Pastor, teacher, leader, novice blogger, wanna be author and Christian conversationalist. Passionate about environmental architecture - creating spaces where people can foster new or growing relationships with each other and God. Currently leads a faith community on Ward Parkway in Kansas City and happily married to Margaret. Blessed with four adult children and two grandsons.
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  1. dude you need to blog…lol

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