Change, Transition, Improvement or Blah, Blah

Ever heard the phrase “the only constant in this world is change?”  I mentioned last week that Margaret and I were in St. George, Utah.  One of the wonders of visiting such a place is the beauty of the landscape.  It was a change of scenery for us; something new; it was inspiring.  However, I would venture to say that if we lived there a couple of years, the awe and wonder would morph into apathy.  In other words we would get used to the visual surrounds and become comfortable with them…maybe even lose the “wow” factor.

Worship of God – has it morphed into apathy for you?  Are you routinely going through the motions when it comes to worship personally  and corporately?  Has it lost its “wow” factor for you?  Why?

In an entertainment oriented culture let’s put aside the aspect of entertainment.  I believe that all of us know that worship is not supposed to be entertainment – we are not passive recipients sitting in a seat for an hour’s worth of entertainment.  Worship is supposed to be all of us giving our praise, prayers, and undivided attention to God.

We recently revived our worship planning team for a variety of reasons.  One of them is that our worship has become routine or as one person put it, predictable.  Another reason for worship planning is to look at the flow of worship and evaluate each aspect.  With everything that we do during our time of worship, we have to ask ourselves this basic question – are we leading you into praise, prayers, and focus on God?

Some folks would answer yes and others would say no.  There are times when the answer is collectively yes and collectively no.  And because we can say “no” it give us the reason to make changes.  This is just a precursor to several communication pieces that will announce such changes to our order of worship. 

So, what is required of you?  Patience, openness, willingness, love, kindness, gentleness – the fruits of the Spirit that will help us change, transition and improve.

If you are against change then this will sound like “blah, blah, blah” to you.  My prayer is that all of us hear this message (and the follow-up messages yet to come) in the spirit of open hearts and open minds – because only then will we have truly open doors to change, transition, and improve.

Blessings for the journey.

About Jim Hoffman

Pastor, teacher, leader, novice blogger, wanna be author and Christian conversationalist. Passionate about environmental architecture - creating spaces where people can foster new or growing relationships with each other and God. Currently leads a faith community on Ward Parkway in Kansas City and happily married to Margaret. Blessed with four adult children and two grandsons.
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