It’s All Broken!

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At 2:11am on Friday we had a driver of a Chrysler mini-van plow into the back-end of my wife’s SUV. If that wasn’t bad enough they hit the SUV hard enough that it pushed it into the backend of my daughter’s little Acura obliterating the trunk, bummer, and both quarter panels. And did I mention that it also pushed both cars 20 feet down the street? I guess the driver is okay – he or she got out of the van and fled the scene of the accident in the 2 minutes it took for me to get out of bed and downstairs.

Yesterday afternoon we needed to wash a load of clothes and give baths to the grandsons but the water was a little cooler than what we expected. And this morning when I took my shower it was still “mountain stream” cool!  In other words, the hot water tank went kaput. A quick call to our landlord who placed a quick call to his plumbing people and we are in the process of getting a new hot water tank (of course with minor issues).

So two cars, a police report, insurance claims, and a hot water tank later it feels like it is all falling apart around us – it’s all broken!

Reality check. It is all broken.

Emotions aside – the world we know is fundamentally flawed. As a pastor and believer in the ancient Hebrew account of creation and fall, the choice of our original human parents to disobey God re-ordered God’s perfect creation into a broken system. Creation is broken; humans are broken; everything we make breaks. And a broken human person made a mistake that will cost us the loss of property. Probably no accountability other than two insurance companies and a vehicle owner who may or may not take responsibility.

As much as we don’t want to, we can buy two different vehicles. And as much as I hated to call my landlord this morning, a new hot water tank is nearly installed. Honestly, it’s just a hassle dealing with brokenness. It is disrupting; a major inconvenience on my time (and pocketbook)!

The good news – no one in our household was injured and from what little we know, neither was the driver of the minivan. We still have our health, one “paid for” car that still runs and a borrowed car from my parents (thanks Mom and Dad). And even though this is a major pain and using up a lot of my time, I know that people are praying for us and things will work out – maybe not completely, but certainly mostly.

So Lord grant my wife and me the patience we need to deal with all of the brokenness – including our own.  And thanks to each of you for the prayers and moral support.

Blessings for the journey!

About Jim Hoffman

Pastor, teacher, leader, novice blogger, wanna be author and Christian conversationalist. Passionate about environmental architecture - creating spaces where people can foster new or growing relationships with each other and God. Currently leads a faith community on Ward Parkway in Kansas City and happily married to Margaret. Blessed with four adult children and two grandsons.
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One Response to It’s All Broken!

  1. Linda potter says:

    I’m so sorry Jim . I’ll add you and Margaret to my prayers out here in Arizona …….

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