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Treasure – How do you give?

Almost every single one of us struggles and searches for the grand meaning to our lives.  Victor Frankel’s memoir about life in a Nazi concentration camp is titled Man’s Search for Meaning.  Even there he recognized the human need to … Continue reading

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Give it Away

During the season of Advent we are having conversation about the old axiom “tis better to give than to receive.”  During the holiday season a number of us practice generosity in the form of gifts that we give away to … Continue reading

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Blessings Flow

I’ve been reading different books in preparation for a series of messages on generosity.  One of the books was written by E. G. “Jay” Link titled Who’s in Charge Here?  In the book he uses a great metaphor to describe … Continue reading

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Good Gossip and Mythbusters

We live in a world that revolves around the financial markets.  People can argue all they want that we have other things that top our collective agenda – culture, art, science, religion, the NFL…but really, the world revolves around global … Continue reading

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