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Faithfulness – Going Deeper with Job

One of the major theological questions of today is “if God is good and in control, then why do bad things continue to happen to good people?” This is called the “theodicy question” and in our limited understanding of fairness … Continue reading

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Faithfulness – Noah who faced a mighty task

The Genesis account of Noah is one of several Ancient Near Eastern stories about the flood. God selects a righteous man for an impossible mission that won’t happen for some time. How many of us could conceive of doing something … Continue reading

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Into Your Hands

I am a firm believer that God invites us to daily trust in His power and presence.  To know and live with the knowledge that God has our back.  Unfortunately it is an invitation that is often ignored.  The main … Continue reading

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Blessings Flow

I’ve been reading different books in preparation for a series of messages on generosity.  One of the books was written by E. G. “Jay” Link titled Who’s in Charge Here?  In the book he uses a great metaphor to describe … Continue reading

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Sucked In

I was watching a fascinating video this morning that not only caught my attention but also caused me to pause and reflect. To watch the video click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRhesBaRCME&feature=em-uploademail If the link doesn’t work you can go to … Continue reading

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God is Good

  If you read my blog from earlier this week you are probably questioning my sanity!  Two cars, a hot water tank, and a now a fugitive somewhere around the church on Monday during VBS.  You would suspect that there … Continue reading

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Before and After

I am in the middle of a message series designed to teach and encourage sharing your faith story.  We will talk about everything under the sun with people.  However the majority of us avoid faith as a topic of conversation.  … Continue reading

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