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Disciple’s Journey – Service

I have noticed over the last decade or so a shift within the protestant church.  For years our work in the world had been simply about individual salvation – bringing the gospel to the world one person at a time.  … Continue reading

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Vision Part 7 – What Will be the Rewards?

We have a two-year old dog named Sadie.  She is half Beagle and half Boston-Terrier.  Excuse my self-indulgence but I just have to share a picture. So like any dog she has needs and one of them is to go … Continue reading

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Vision Part 4 – What does it feel like?

Part of a journey is the anticipation of what it will feel like when you arrive.  A year and a half ago my wife had a trade show in Denver.  We decided to take some vacation time while in Colorado … Continue reading

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Way of Salvation

Methodism – I find it fascinating to read about the history of our denomination and how it has morphed and expanded since the mid-1700’s.  From theological breadth, to practice, polity, and even worship we have become a wide tent.  But … Continue reading

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